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Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedy



apple cider vinegar (organic is best)








Every day – not just when you’re afflicted with a bladder infection, drink a glass of apple cider vinegar (about 1 tablespoonful) mixed with water over ice. It makes a tangy drink that will keep you infection free forever. It’s also an excellent diuretic.

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Home Remedy for Bladder Infections



cranberry juice








Drink a glass of water at one sitting instead of sipping it throughout the day to have fewer infections. The bladder is a muscle that weakens, over time, if the bladder consistently fills slowly. If you allow your bladder muscles to weaken by not drinking enough water, it won’t completely empty when you void. The urine that remains is fertile grounds for infections to start. You can flush out any current infection by drinking a LOT of water and cranberry juice. Prevent recurring infections by continuing to drink plenty of water and an occasional glass of cranberry juice.

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Home Remedy for Arthritis



golden raisins






Put 3 shot glasses or small containers on your counter. In each shot glass, put 9 (not 8 or 10) golden raisins, not regular raisins. Pour just enough gin over them to just barely cover them (any kind of gin will do).

By the 3rd day, the gin will be absorbed by the raisins.

Eat the raisins from one shot glass, and set the glass up again with 9 more golden raisins, just barely covered with any kind of gin, and put the fresh glass at the end of the line.

Each day, eat the 9 oldest raisins, then set it up again.

Repeat until pain-free, usually 72 hours. It is truly amazing. And cheap!

(If you can’t wait 3 days to begin, it’s ok to start after 24 hours, but the gin won’t be completely absorbed; just pour out the excess gin and eat the raisins, then put 9 more raisins and gin in the glass, and put it at the end of the line.

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