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Home Remedy for Snoring

Snoring has many causes and many solutions. Some of the causes

  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • sleep aides
  • being over weight
  • allergies

I won’t address the reasons smoking causes problems in many parts of your body for obvious reasons. Alcohol and sleep aides relax muscles that help you keep your airway unrestricted. Obesity can also help restrict your air flow. Allergies often create congestion which you may treat with anti-histamines which can dry out nasal passages and airways.

Snoring Remedies

  • Stop drinking alcohol before bed to help with the muscle control.
  • Find something other than pills to take care of your insomnia because of the muscle relaxants in them.
  • Work on losing weight so your body fat doesn’t help cut off your air flow.
  • Change to sleeping on your sides or stomach rather than your back so the airway is easier to keep open.
  • Use steam or natural allergy remedies that help you keep moisture in your nasal passages.

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