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Natural Remedies and Its Forgotten Family

natural remedies
Eri Hariono asked:

Do you know what actually Natural Remedies is? Then, what is the different with Home Remedies and Natural Home Remedies?

Perhaps you have seen abundant information about remedies in the internet. It is quite not difficult to grasp this kind of information on remedies if you have health related background. Nevertheless, how about if you never engaged to health problems and doesn’t even like biology subject back there at school years ago? Most probably you will be overwhelmed by this huge information. And, suppose you hate cooking, or lack the experience being in the kitchen. Why kitchen? Because kitchen is the only source that you can find spices, vegetables, fruits and other natural ingredients which are useful as natural home remedies.

There you go!

Kitchen, also your backyard are the starting point for natural home remedies. They are the hidden treasure for your health and vitality that I’m sure you have been taken for granted all this time. For clarification of definitions, I have confirmed with Dr. Aviandy Sukarto, MSc, SpKP about the meaning of home remedies, natural home remedies and natural remedies.

Home Remedies:

-        everything you can find in your kitchen and your house for remedies which are not only limited to nature elements but also your first aid box and other common items to deal with common ailments;

-        thus would be including a bottle of formulated syrup to banish cough and cold or pills for headache and diarrhea and any other simple medication which have standard approval and under strict licensed from ministry of health which it can be used without prescription from a doctor.

Natural Home Remedies:

– anything you can pick from your kitchen, backyard and surround your home which are still nature in character; for example spices, vegetable, fruit and herbs.

Natural Remedies:

-        you can find it in your kitchen, backyard, garden, ditch, and anything beyond your household which means your surroundings every where you go;

-        consist of herbal remedies and non-herbal remedies (such as dried animals) which only made from natural ingredients.

Now can you see the big picture about Natural Remedies?

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