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Natural Remedies and Its Forgotten Family

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Eri Hariono asked:

Do you know what actually Natural Remedies is? Then, what is the different with Home Remedies and Natural Home Remedies?

Perhaps you have seen abundant information about remedies in the internet. It is quite not difficult to grasp this kind of information on remedies if you have health related background. Nevertheless, how about if you never engaged to health problems and doesn’t even like biology subject back there at school years ago? Most probably you will be overwhelmed by this huge information. And, suppose you hate cooking, or lack the experience being in the kitchen. Why kitchen? Because kitchen is the only source that you can find spices, vegetables, fruits and other natural ingredients which are useful as natural home remedies.

There you go!

Kitchen, also your backyard are the starting point for natural home remedies. They are the hidden treasure for your health and vitality that I’m sure you have been taken for granted all this time. For clarification of definitions, I have confirmed with Dr. Aviandy Sukarto, MSc, SpKP about the meaning of home remedies, natural home remedies and natural remedies.

Home Remedies:

-        everything you can find in your kitchen and your house for remedies which are not only limited to nature elements but also your first aid box and other common items to deal with common ailments;

-        thus would be including a bottle of formulated syrup to banish cough and cold or pills for headache and diarrhea and any other simple medication which have standard approval and under strict licensed from ministry of health which it can be used without prescription from a doctor.

Natural Home Remedies:

– anything you can pick from your kitchen, backyard and surround your home which are still nature in character; for example spices, vegetable, fruit and herbs.

Natural Remedies:

-        you can find it in your kitchen, backyard, garden, ditch, and anything beyond your household which means your surroundings every where you go;

-        consist of herbal remedies and non-herbal remedies (such as dried animals) which only made from natural ingredients.

Now can you see the big picture about Natural Remedies?

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Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Natural Remedies

natural remedies
Yulia Berry asked:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that many men will end up suffering from at some period in their life. While ED may be a sign of a more serious complication such as diabetes or heart disease and warrants a visit to your physician, sometimes, especially in younger men, it may be something simple that triggers it. Stress, cigarettes and excessive drinking (alcohol) have all been known to trigger ED. 

While pharmaceutical giants have tackled the problem of ED and have come up with extremely popular drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, there are many herbal and natural remedies out there that a man can use to treat his problem. However, if deciding to use a herbal remedy, be sure to still consult your doctor before doing so. While something might be derived from nature, it still could interact in a bad way with any prescription medications that you happen to be taking. Double-checking with your health care professional and reading all the information on the label of what it is that you are taking is always a good idea.

There are a number of different herbal remedies out there that claim to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction. In order to understand how these natural remedies work, it is important to understand how a erection is achieved in the first place. The first step is sensory stimulation (tactile or imagery) of the brain. Once the brain is stimulated, it sends signals down to the nervous system setting things in motion. The nerves surrounding the penis are vital in maintaining an erection. If they are not working properly the achieving and maintaining an erection becomes a difficult task. Once the nerves are stimulated, then the circulatory system kicks in, sending blood flowing into the shaft, causing it to become engorged and erect. As men age, the circulatory system does not function as properly as it once did resulting in poor blood flow to the penis. All three of these stages of arousal can be enhanced with herbal and natural remedies. Natural remedies that promote a state of relaxation can help men who suffer from ED because of stress, anxiety, or depression. If you believe your ED is being caused by emotional or stress related issues, you may want to try aromatherapy, acupuncture, or a deep tissue massage, to see if a state of relaxation helps you. There are many natural remedies out there that can help repair and restore your nervous system. 

There are also many herbs out there that have been used for centuries to improve blood circulation, which is essential when it comes to maintaining an erection. Many of these remedies can be found in health food stores and are sometimes even labeled as aphrodisiacs, although there is no absolute guarantee that they will help you with your condition.

Here is a short list of the most popular ones out there:

Ginkgo Biloba: a stimulant

Asian Ginseng : used for centuries in china as a aphrodisiac

Horny goat weed: known as “natural viagra” containing icariin which increases the levels of nitric oxide in the system allowing more blood to flow to the penis.

Fo-Ti: a longevity agent

Damiana: a nerve tonic

Muira Palma: A folk medicine from Brazil

Maca: a radish like plant once used by Peruvian warriors

Tribulus Terrestris: a fertility plant from India that helps raise hormone levels

Tongkat Ali: “natures testosterone booster.”

In addition to these herbal supplements, there are a variety of different vitamins and amino acids that men can take to help improve their condition. L-Arginine, for example, is a key amino acid that allows the penile blood vessels to relax. Priopionyl-L-Caritine is another example of an amino acid that is used to treat ED. Vitamins to increase blood flow and improve nerve reactions are also recommended. Vitamin C and E, Zinc, and flax seed oil are prime examples of supplements that men could try to help with ED.

Here is a simple and effective home remedy:

Mix 1 part of ginger powder with 1 part of honey. Take 1/2 teaspoon of the mix 3 times a day.

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All-Natural Remedy For Adult Acne: The Acid Proof Method

natural remedies
Kyle Richey asked:

Are you looking for a simple, natural remedy for adult acne? If so, look no further! There are many great natural ways to treat acne, and this article will cover some of the best. First, here are some benefits of choosing an all-natural remedy for adult acne as opposed to a prescription:

Benefit #1: Natural remedies are typically much cheaper than their prescription-counterparts.

Benefit #2: Natural remedies rarely have harmful, annoying or uncomfortable side effects.

Benefit #3: Natural remedies provide many indirect health benefits when used properly.

Now, let’s get started. The first remedy you should know about is a very simple one. It’s called Green Tea. It has risen in popularity quite a bit in the last few years, and with good reason! Green Tea has many health benefits, including helping with: high cholesterol, infections, viruses, high blood sugar, headaches, joint discomfort and of course…acne. Green Tea contains an antioxidant known as EGCG that protects cells much better than normal vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The second natural remedy for adult acne that should be on your list is water. Sounds too simple, but it honestly helps quite a bit to remove the toxins from your body as often as possible. When wastes and sugars build up in your digestive system, Candida, the number one cause of acne bacteria, thrives. By drinking more water, you flush these harmful wastes from your system, thus preventing future breakouts.

The third natural acne remedy is herbal treatments. Many people swear by herbal remedies as effective treatments for most anything, and there isn’t much evidence that suggests otherwise. Common herbal remedies for adult acne include red clover, black cohosh, primrose and wild yarn. Also, Vitamin B5 supplements can reduce the production of Sebum (clogs pores). As a general rule, these herbs should be researched before taking, as some are meant primarily for women with hormonal imbalance, etc. Just do your homework, ask your doctor and be sure that what you’re taking/using is right for you, and you’ll be fine!

The last acne remedy one should consider is the “Acid Proof” method. There are many acids found in fruits that help reduce Sebum, eliminate the excess toxins that build up in the body and reduce redness and swelling of blemishes.

The best fruits to eat for this purpose are those with red, orange or dark skins, such as apples, grapes and oranges. Also, by rubbing lemon juice on a cotton ball, and placing it on a blemish for 30 seconds to a minute, the lemon’s natural acids can kill bacteria that is clogging the pores, thus reducing redness and swelling, improving the appearance dramatically!

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Natural Remedies for a Thrush Yeast Infection Without the Side Effects

natural remedies
Natural Cures Gal asked:

There are questions you should ask before undertaking any remedy for yeast infection. There are many cures available on the market, yet you need to know which is the best for you. Natural cures for yeast infections are available and should always be a preferred choice. However first you need to know what is causing the yeast infections.

Before you decide to use remedies out there for your yeast infection you need to ask a few questions. A variety of cures are out there today but you need to figure out which one is going to work the best for your needs. There are many natural cures out there for thrush yeast infections and they are often the choice that is preferred, but before you use them you need to understand what is causing your infection.

Natural cures for yeast infections can have multiple benefits. You get rid of the physical symptoms that appear on the skin and make life uncomfortable as well as improve overall health at the same time. All of the things from loss of appetite to loss of energy will be restored once you have cured the yeast infections.

If you have a yeast infection, you may find that it is quite painful and there are a variety of symptoms that you have as well. Having sex can be quite painful and you can end up dealing with depression and pain in your joints. Your body may feel tired and run down as well. Often some people deal with problems paying attention and the pain can affect them in the hands, hips, and even in the knees. Even more serious problems can occur when you have a yeast infection, so you need to find a cure as soon as you can.

Since there are many dangers that can occur when you take prescription medications and over the counter products for yeast infections, using a natural cure is the best option for you. Of course the natural remedy that you choose may vary depending on your specific needs, symptoms and what caused your problem to occur.

Many people across the world end up having a thrush yeast infection during their life. The cause of the problem must be found if you are going to find the right cure for the problem. So, make sure that you don’t just treat the symptoms that you are having. You need to make sure that you actually treat the deeper problem instead of only using products that just get rid of the symptoms temporarily.

If you have a yeast infection, make sure that you take it very seriously. It’s time to find a natural remedy that can help you get rid of the thrush yeast infection that you have so you don’t have to suffer anymore.

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Fighting Gout without Drugs: Natural Remedy for Gout

natural remedies
Lee Dobbins asked:

Gout is a very well known form of arthritis that is known to cause excruciating pain and discomfort. Gout is known to attack joints such as the ones in the big toe, ankles, feet, elbows, hands, knees, and wrists. Usually gout is treated with pain medicines and drugs that lower uric acid levels in the blood, however these conventional forms of treatment are not usually that effective or may cause unfavorable side effects. That is why more people are looking for a more natural remedy for gout.

Gout’s symptoms are characterized by intense bouts of inflammation of certain joints that suddenly shoots excruciating spells of pain over a period of time. Sometimes the symptoms would disappear after the first onset but it may reoccur without preventive measures. Usually, the recurrence of gout may be worse than the initial attack, causing great discomfort and even immobility. When left untreated gout may happen more frequently and thus immediate action is important.

Known Natural Remedies for Gout

A very popular and effective natural remedy for gout is eating cherry or drinking cherry juice. Cherries have been proven to contain compounds known as anthocyanins, that are effective for alleviating inflammation and reducing uric acid levels in the blood. These substances are present in all kinds of cherries, whether fresh, canned or juiced. It is recommended for gout patients to consume about ten cherries a day, or two tablespoons of concentrated cherry juice to help manage gout symptoms and prevent gout from recurring.

A healthy diet is yet another essential component of natural gout remedy. Gout patients are urged to reduce their intake of foods that are rich in purines, the building blocks of gout-causing uric acid crystals. Among the purine rich foods that a gout patient should avoid are organ meats, brain, meat gravies, scallops, mackerel, anchovies, sweetbreads, kidney, meat extracts, wild game, herring, and sardines. It is recommended to eat more low purine foods such as dried beans, asparagus, spinach, poultry, peas, cauliflower, mushrooms, fresh water fish, and white meat.

Another important element of natural gout remedy is increasing fluid intake, especially water, as it helps to get rid of uric acid from the kidneys. The time-tested advice of 8 glasses of water a day still holds true for gout suffers. Some doctors even recommend drinking more. It is also important to reduce the intake of alcohol because it can induce the production of uric acid.

To prevent gout from happening, it is also recommended to maintain normal weight as obesity is linked to high risks of gout. It is however discouraged to undergo fad diets which cause drastic weight loss because the sudden drop of weight may cause cells to weaken and release more uric acid.

For immediate relief for gout pains and inflammation, charcoal poultice is recommended. This natural remedy consists of half a cup of powdered activated charcoal, blended with flaxseed to form a meal and then mixed with warm water to make a paste. The charcoal poultice may then be applied to the affected area and covered with plastic or cloth. This helps alleviate pain caused by gout. One has to be careful when using charcoal poultice, however, as it may cause stains on clothes and bed sheets.

Another soothing natural remedy for gout is a charcoal bath. One would need an old basin that can be stained, to be filled with half a cup of charcoal and enough water to form a paste. The affective joint would then be soaked into the mixture, adding more water if needed. The recommended soaking time is 30 minutes to an hour.

Gout can be a very painful condition, and the medical treatment it requires may be even more painful for one’s budget. For added comfort and relief from pain, it is recommended to use natural remedies to treat gout in conjunction with conventional medicine. Not only are natural remedies cheaper, they may be even safer than drugs.

One does not have to endure the pains caused by gout for long periods. With a natural remedy, it can be easy to fight gout and keep a patient well quickly. If you or a family have been suffering gout for some time, try these natural remedies out for size.

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