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In Praise of Non Drug Solutions

This article discusses how the pharmaceutical companies wine, dine and entertain doctors to get them interested in prescribing their pills. It is no wonder alternative treatments and therapies that don’t have legions of sales people and multi-million dollar advertising budgets don’t get the attention they deserve from main stream medicine.

I suggest you read this article to better understand why home remedies, natural remedies and other alternative therapies are ignored or looked down upon by many.


Please Check with Your Medical Professional

Home remedies and treatments might be all natural, herbal or just using items commonly found in your home. We cannot and will not say any of these remedies are safe for you, effective in your circumstances or appropriate for you because we do not know your medical condition, allergies and other factors that may cause something to work or fail.

You are unique and what worked for someone else may not work for you so consult your medical professional before trying anything that can affect your well being.

We hope you find a remedy that’s useful to you and share remedies that have been beneficial in your life.

All Natural Remedies and Cures

If you are like many others, you’ve sought out all natural remedies to cure or treat what’s ailing you. Many are tired of modern medicine that is either created artificially in the pharmaceutical company laboratories or these companies have taken what occurs naturally in nature and tried to artificially recreate it in their laboratories with limited success.

Imitations are never as good as the natural remedy.

Many people throughout the world are taking serious looks at alternative methods and treatments for managing their health. Some of these alternatives are:

Home remedies
Organic foods
Aroma therapy
And more

As you investigate some of these different disciplines, you may discover that your mindset, nutrition and exercise are vital parts of your well being.

There is no magic bullet that can be used to get the health and wellness you deserve but it doesn’t have to be that hard either.

Join us on our quest for a healthier life.

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