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Natural Remedies for Menopause

Juliet Cohen asked:

Menopause literally means the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles. The root cause of menopause is not what is happening to the uterus, the whole process of menopause is triggered by the faltering and shutting down of the ovaries. This process usually normally occurs more or less in midlife. Menopause, or the permanent end of menstruation and fertility, is a natural biological process, not a medical illness. Hormonal changes cause the physical symptoms of menopause, but mistaken beliefs about the menopausal transition are partly to blame for the emotional ones. First, menopause doesn’t mean the end is near — you’ve still got as much as half your life to go. Second, menopause will not snuff out your femininity.

Menopause is a normal part of aging; about 70% of woman experience symptoms. Lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and medications can help. Menopause occurs as the ovaries begin to fail to be able to produce an egg or ovum each and every month, which in turn after a number of years, leads to the somewhat chaotic shutting down of the whole reproductive system.

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when the function of the ovaries ceases. Main effect of the menopause is a greatly reduced production of the hormone oestrogen. Some menopausal women suffer psychologically from the awareness that they have come to the end of reproductive life. The menopause is often viewed as a significant stage in the ageing process. The menopause involves the end of egg production (ovulation) by the ovaries. However, menstrual cycles can still occur, without ovulation taking place, as the menopause approaches. For this reason, pregnancy is very rare after the age of 50. A woman’s periods do not usually stop suddenly, although sometimes this does happen. They usually become less frequent, the odd period is missed, and then they stop altogether. Many prescription medications and natural remedies exist to prevent and control high cholesterol and bone loss, which can occur at menopause. Estrogen is a well-established prescription therapy for hot flashes. Estrogen also helps build bone mass, reduces the risk of fractures, and improves cholesterol.

Some women decide to take herbal, natural, or plant-based products to help their symptoms. Some women turn to herbal remedies or to certain estrogen-like chemicals in plants (called phytoestrogens) for help. Many people will take multi-vitamins to ensure their bodies receive all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. B-Vitamins: This family of vitamins can be a big help in coping with premature menopause, both in terms of helping combat symptoms and fighting negative long-term risks. B vitamins can keep your energy levels up. Bioidentical hormone herapy. Some women visit alternative medicine doctors and get a prescription for these products, which are made from different plant hormones that are like those in a woman’s body. Black cohosh may also help with cramps, heavy periods and other menstrual irregularities. Kava Kava appears to be a big help in reducing anxiety, fighting depression, and leveling mood swings, kava kava has been shown to be quite effective. Eating soy and their isoflavones are the most popular natural way to increase estrogen.

Home Remedies for Menopause

1. Flaxseed nutrient high in phytoestrogens (especially lignans), flaxseed also is high in omega-3 fatty acids — a key helper in fighting heart disease.

2. Red Clover is another phytoestrogen which also is high in bioflavonoids.

3. Vitamin E and Citrus Bioflavonoids-This combination is a hot-flash buster — with studies showing that taking these two supplements together helps combat hot flashes.

4. Vitamin E is also good for helping with dryness.

5. Vitamin A or beta carotene can help menopause.

6. Vitamin A helps maintain tissues, skin, and mucous membranes — which can help fight back against dryness.

7. Calcium: A definite must to help prevent osteoporosis, calcium can also help lower blood pressure, reduce triglyceride levels.

8. Black cohosh may also help with cramps, heavy periods and other menstrual irregularities.

9. Kava Kava herb that appears to be a big help in reducing anxiety, fighting depression, and leveling mood swings, kava kava has been shown to be quite effective.

10. Valerian-It’s used widely in Europe to treat sleep disturbances, as well as for nervousness and menstrual problems.

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