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natural pressure sore treatment

Natural Pressure Sore Treatment



Raw Honey

Brown Sugar

Sterile Gauze Saline Solution



Clean the pressure sore with saline solution and sterile gauze then pat it dry. Do NOT rub it dry. Apply a thin layer of honey over the area and sprinkle brown sugar on it then cover with sterile gauze and leave it until the next day. When the gauze is pulled off, it will pull away dead skin too which is good. Pressure sores must be clean and free of dead skin before they can start to heal. By repeating this process every day, you are cleaning the wound, applying a natural antibiotic in the raw honey and adding food for the body to use to make new cells. Bacteria cannot live in all the sweetness provided by the sugar and honey so you are preventing bacterial growth in the wound. This remedy may take several months or even more than a year to heal the wound. Keep pressure off the wounded area as much as possible and stay consistent in your treatment and you will see the results you desire.


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